Mary Meyer Cosmo Cube
Mary Meyer Cosmo Cube

Mary Meyer Cosmo Cube

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Space is a hot topic right now with talk of Mars, the moon, and beyond. Sweet, soft, and full of adventure, the perfect gift for boys or girls.

Why we love Cosmo:
– All things space related are very much on trend
– Aspirational theme for both boys and girls
– New shimmery fabric
– Lots of fun details
– Retro color palette takes us back to the early days of space exploration

– 4×4″
– Shimmery sun and moon
– Three-dimensional Bear-stronaut” character on one side
– Cosmo print created by Mary Meyer in-house designers
– Rattle inside and crinkle sound outside
– Tactile embroidery, 3D accents, and characters
– All embroidered details
– Machine wash, air dry


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