January Happenings at Sprout Kids

Chicago's Winter is officially here.... and it is making up for lost time.  Um it is BEYOND FREEZING today... not kidding we woke up to -4 degrees outside!! But not matter, because at Sprout Kids we are in full blown SPRING mode!!!  

Mayoral, our best selling brand from Spain, sent out their first shipment and it was even better than my expectations.  We love their collared baby boy shirts - for those sophisticated little ones, and they are perfect for any Springtime photo shoots you have lined up.  They also have some great denim jackets and vests for girls - that are going to fly right off the shelf.  Mayoral always takes a classic outfit and turns it up with fun embellishments and details.  

We also just uploaded a new brand for us called HUXBABY - and we were instantly excited.  It is currently en route from Australia and hopefully it will bring some sunshine and warmth to us as well.  Think organic, minimalist chic, and comfortable and uni-sex!! We ordered for baby and toddler - so Wyatt and Willow will both be wearing HUXBABY soon enough!!  

We will continue to keep you updated with the new arrivals that are coming in every day - and if you live around the Chicago Land area come in to check out our Fall/Winter sale... you can get some great stuff for even better prices!! 



Aly @ Sprout Kids